Ode to my boobs (extended version)


Swing low, dear tits o’ mine
You pillowy puffs, you chesty bum
Ten times a day my lass has dined
And now thou art level with my tum.

Swing low, twin pendulums
And sate my tiny wriggling tot
You udder-y jugs, you lumpy drums
You used to be mine, but now you’re not.

Swing low, sweet Eartha Kitts
And spout thy milk across the floor
Your nipps as tough as a witch’s bits
Oh! Who could ask for talents more?

Swing low, my sonsie twins
Enslaved within your Nanna bra
That peachy sack that pains my ribs
What joy to free you for an hour!

Swing low, fair Scooby-Doobs
Wi’ your magic milky gifts
Hard, then soft, thine lactic tubes
And now you need a great big lift.


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