Let’s talk about no sex, baby!

water jpeg

When it comes to meeting new people, having a baby is like having a dog.

Strangers love to hit us up for chats, even more so now Magoo has developed a regal wave and a way of cocking her head to one side to catch people’s eyes, the little flirt.

I’ve been genuinely and pleasantly surprised by some of the more meaningful conversations I’ve had with strangers over the last 12 months, many of which have been with other Mums with babies.

Today, a lovely lady-stranger and I divulged some intimate mothery-babery stuff at the local pool.

It took us a whole two minutes to get to the gory details of our respective births, epidurals that didn’t work, sleep depravation hell, sex (or lack thereof) after giving birth, teething, and so it went on.

And as I looked around me, I could see that there were clusters of other mothers gathered around the sides of the water, and I heard phrases like “post-natal depression”, “second kid is soooooo different to the first”, and “really sick” being passed openly between them. No secrets here.

It was like a very wet gathering at the local Greek community centre.

And I felt like I had been given access into a half-naked secret fraternity, where the only entry requirement was a small person.

Given that there are so many like-minded people out there, why oh why is it so hard for many of us (me included) to talk honestly about our experiences of parenting, the joys and the challenges?

And why all the competition?

Your thoughts, please!


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