Anna Phylaxis, you scary bitch (Part 2)


The verdict is in.

Magoo is officially allergic to milk and eggs with a possible peanut allergy (requiring further testing).

Anaphylaxis, you scare me. Allergy, you confuse the bejesus out of me.

Never did I think there would be milk protein in gravy, ham, sausages, for God’s sake.

As you can tell, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Magoo, Super Defacto and I spent half of today at the Royal Children’s Hospital, waiting around in the Allergies Clinic before getting the skin prick testing done. The paediatrician hit us with a bunch of print-outs which we’re still absorbing.

In order to make sense of the info swirling around in my head, I have compiled a brief list of pros and cons. Obviously, the cons still outnumber the pros:


  • Less processed food = healthier family all-round!


  • We must now be constantly aware of the nutritional value of Magoo’s food to make sure she gets enough of what she needs.
  • We must now be constantly vigilant of everything she eats, to make sure it doesn’t contain milk or egg. This means we’ll be cooking from scratch a lot of the time.
  • If we have to cook everything from scratch, this is gonna be a hell of a lot of work, mostly for me, because although Super Defacto is supremely awesome, he doesn’t cook much.
  • This is a speculative con: I don’t want Magoo to grow up being one of those spindly, pale kids, the kind who looks like they are going to blow away in the wind.

This last con, although speculative, highlights my rather nasty bias toward dairy alternatives, which heretofore has remained unacknowledged.

I cannot seem to disassociate images of cows and their milk from images of healthy, strapping farm children with rosy apple cheeks. Meanwhile, I imagine soy eaters to be pallid, sad beings, not unlike the poor little girl I saw at the clinic today who looked like she needed a juicy big steak and a pint of milk.

I wonder if Magoo is destined to be a Child Of The Soy because we decided to rent in a hipster, inner-Melbourne suburb, famed for its high flax seed per capita ratio? There’s a new idea! Up yours Hygiene Hypothesis! Maybe if we lived in Narre Warren North, none of this would be an issue?

I’m joking, obviously. Some of my closest friends are soy drinkers and they are some of the healthiest people on the planet. And I am rather partial to a Bonsoy latte….

Do you or a family member have a milk or egg allergy (even if you live in Narre Warren North)? If you have any tips, tricks or coping mechanisms, I’d love to hear them!


2 responses to “Anna Phylaxis, you scary bitch (Part 2)

  1. You’re right, it is definitely overwhelming! I gave up dairy whilst breast feeding and felt I was left with just about nothing but fruit and meat to eat. So tricky. Thankfully my boy only had a gut allergy to dairy which has resolved. Give rice milk a try, both my boys love it.

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